Our History

Our Philosophy

Our mission

We redefine the african aestheticism so each personn who get into an Frida atmosphere, feel welcom with warn and kidness confortable at home.

Our values

Passion, the ancestral craftmanship drive us to the excellence and creativity. Associated with the Challenge, it influence us to go beyond our assets, encourage us to develop themselves by training on new techniques. So we affix a different mark.

Our vision

We want to be the reference of an african aestheticism without any inhibition by empowering the african artisan and make live on their ancestral expertise throught objects for interior design. Each region of Africa will be recognize as key actor for its art.

Home is the reflet of our soul, it is the place where we feel themselves.

It is our area where soak up our smells, ours habits.

A place of exchanges and sharing.

The brand Frida wishes to bring warm and welcom to your interior,
Each product has a story.


Our Engagements

Perpetuate, Proctec the Know-how

If we want today that tomorrow our children, and grand children know the ancestral african art from their elders. We need to make a significant committment into the apprenticeship of this one.

Training and transmission of the Legacy

Throught the learning and eduction we will succed to sustain thoses artisanship job. By creating the desire close to the population and offering them an environement for work and a way to achieve it.

Creativity and tradition into the heart of design

Support our expertise «little hand», in the elaboration of their design. It is in the control of your their profession that the creativy comes out. A perpetuel work in the process of improving their ressources of production.

Frida & their Artisans

Frida commit to give back 10% of its sales to the Fondation Frida which manage different artisan association. By this action we allow the artisan to create an environement of work, buy the material, and train the new generation.

Throught the brand Frida, we want to revive our space and take you on a ride.


Our Founder

Welcome to Frida, Welcome to your Home

It is an idea, a project which come out after my travel in Cameroon on october 2011. It was one of my first journey after a long time. It has been significant on different points but at the end the desire to create something on the land of Africa with all its ressources and treassures. It took me more than 5 years to launch it, but today I am more than ready to discover my Africa, its stories, its cultures and tradition that I write down with the artisan in an interior design. Frida is the name of my maternal grandmother’s, she guide me throught this brand by discovering my traditions. Frida is a brand arround the meeting, the expertise and creativity. Today with a tremendous joys, an emotions without any filter I am glad to introduce your Frida and its univers. Again Welcome to Frida, Welcome Home : Inside African Home. Edith TIALEU