Portrait des Artisans
  • Ma’ Tonleu
  • 50 ans

What does it take to be a good dyer? What makes you unique in your specialty?

It takes a creative mind! Should not be monotonous, not just to be an Impressionist. Many young people today are getting into this business, but don’t have the creative spirit. (This spirit creative to the child likes this job that he wants to do without being forced). It is important to write down everything that there was to create so that later our ideas help those who come after our. Be creative in observing nature, are inspired. My dye is made of craft but orderly way because she looks nothing like the work of craftsmen who never went through any training. All is not falling into imitation, so create! That is our feature. Now my main goal is to pass on what I’ve learned that when I’d as this business continued to thrive. That we remember of me through my work. Besides my little girl interested in dyeing.

  • Assana
  • 60 Years old

Who learn you to weave ?

My grand-mother teach me to weave, the mother of my dad. It been 30 year now that I do it. A that time they were lot of weavers but most of them are no longer here and do not teach to their children. Other don’t have any or don’t have the willgness to teach them. My sister do not show to its childrens after her death no one weave at her home.

« I am the biggest here, I am the mother »

  • Maimouna
  • 30 years old

How do you start weaving?

Nowdays I practice the art of weaving, and it is my Passion. My mother give me the desire. Each time I get back home I found her weaving and I liked it a lot. At that point when she was not there I tried to weave under her back. I start to make my own metier with  bananas stems and little bamboos. It was by playing that I started all of this

« We love, before we learn»

« When I am in front of my metier, I think the life stops »

  • Ramatou
  • 40 years old

What is the work of wearver brings you?

I learn this job at the age of 9 with my grand-mother. She learn it elsewhere I do not know where exactly. I was attract by seeing her and I love it, that the way I started. My father make me learn to embroider and sew but I prefer the movement of the weaving. I do really like it and when you do a work which is beautiful, people are ready to pay for it and I can support my family.

« I love weaving, it my job here »

« When you love a job it is not hard anymore »

  • Adjara
  • 43 years old

What lead you to weave?

What I like in weaving, it is that I can stay at home to monitor my children. It allow my to have time to handle the house and educate my children. I weave since I have 15.

It is my mother in lav who learn me, she was a well-know weaver here, she learn us everything.

I learn to my children to weave but most of them prefer another way, administration or medecine. Only my twins are still learning it.

« My boys learn to weave and I’m proud of them  »

  • Laure
  • seamstress

How was your passion for sewing born?

The origin of my passion is the love of beautiful things, fabric models, this passion goes back to my childhood, it was transmitted to me by my mother also seamstress who worked at home. Being the model of her creations made me want to create my own clothes and later decorative items to beautify my home. From thread to needle I was able to open my studio, realize my dream.